Larry Sutter

Larry Sutter, Ph.D., P.E.

Principal, Sutter Engineering

Larry Sutter, Ph.D., P.E., is the Principle of Sutter Engineering LLC. He is also Professor Emeritus and a Research Professor in Materials Science & Engineering at Michigan Technological University. His focus is concrete durability, the use of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), and the advancement of alternative cements and SCMs. He is a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute (ACI), Chairman of Committee 321 Concrete Durability Code, Vice-Chairman of ACI Committee 232 Fly Ash, and Secretary of ACI Committee 201 Concrete Durability. He is President of the Board for the ACI Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete (NEU). He is also a Fellow of ASTM and a member of Committees C01 and C09, serving as Vice Chair of Committee C09 and Chairman of subcommittees C01.14 Non-Hydraulic Cements and C09.24 on Supplementary Cementitious Materials. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Michigan.

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