Kevin White

Kevin White

Lead Corporate Training Manager, Thryv

Kevin White is the middle child of 9 and knows the phrase "the struggle is real" all too well. Kevin feels helping local businesses is such a noble cause because he watched his parents struggle working multiple jobs as well as opening and closing multiple small businesses. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana & moved to College Park, Georgia at a very young age, dancing became his escape. He has gone on to work with chart topping artist like PRINCE, USHER, TLC, MONICA, SISQO, MYA and others. Kevin Also toured the world and performed on award shows like, the Grammys, BET Awards, VMAs, Show Time at The Apollo, Billboard Music Awards just to name a few. Being on stage was just the start of what his true purpose and calling was. When he was 18 years old, he started mentoring kids from his neighborhood which he still does today.

The journey from professional entertainer to sales leader, was not a smooth one, but it did help shape Kevin into the dynamic sales trainer he is today. As a sales leader Kevin was recruited as an international sales manager & trainer to Cairo, Egypt where he spent 3yrs helping grow a call center from 250 Egyptian college students to well over 1200.

Today Kevin is The Lead Training Manager of New Hire Training Thryv, Ambassador of Training for Thryv Foundation, Keynote Speaker, Author, Behavioral Practitioner, Mentor, Life Coach and Professional Dancer.

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