Tarek Khan

Tarek Khan, FACI

Business Development Manager, Master Builders Solutions Admixtures

Tarek Khan has contributed to the ready mixed concrete industry since he joined the NRMCA in 1982. Since joining Master Builders in 1996, Tarek has assisted concrete producers, contractors, and structural engineers specify, develop, produce, deliver, and place high-performance concrete mixtures. He’s worked on a variety of challenging projects, including rapid-strength concrete for paving, industrial and bridge repair applications, high-strength for bridges and high-rise buildings, extended workability concrete for tunnels, and self-consolidating concrete (SCC) for architectural and structural applications.

Tarek’s an active member of ACI, serving on the Architectural, Hot Weather, Residential, and Measuring, Mixing, Transporting & Placing Concrete committees. He is an ACI Fellow, and Mentor to ACI scholarship recipients. He’s a co-recipient of ASTM’s Sanford E. Thompson Award for applied research in hot weather concrete. Notably, he is an accredited member of the Design-Build Institute of America and can speak to contractors in their language about the design process and construction delivery methods.

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