ProVia's Metal Roofing System Receives Florida Certifications

Certifications cover Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone and Non-HVHZ.

September 23, 2021

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ProVia’s residential metal roofing line is engineered to stand up to the most severe weather. Features include a unique

ProVia announced that its residential stamped metal roofing system is now certified for use in all Florida wind speed areas including Florida’s High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) and Non-HVHZ.

ProVia’s Residential Metal Roofing System is Approved for Use in Florida:

  • Approved for HVHZ within Florida, including Miami-Dade and Broward Counties;

  • Approved for application in and outside of Florida’s designated wind-borne debris areas;

  • Design pressures that are equal or less than -56psf

ProVia’s Residential Metal Roofing System Meets the Following Florida Testing Requirements:

  • TAS 100 Wind and wind-driven rain resistance;

  • TAS 110 Physical properties of roof membranes, insulation, adhesives, mastics, coatings;

  • TAS 125 Uplift resistance testing for roofing panels

Launched in January 2021, ProVia’s new residential, stamped panel metal roofing system features a weather-resistant design and construction that includes a 4-way, multi-point locking system

This system provides edge-to-edge secure panel placement and field anchoring; defense against wind uplift at speeds up to 180 mph; a barrier system for shedding the forces of sheeting rain; and a reverse-side WaveLock design for increased panel strength. 

ProVia’s galvanized steel panels are manufactured with 10% more galvanized steel to provide lifetime protection from hail, wind, rain and corrosion.

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