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How Power Players Are Using Social Media to Amp Up BusinessHow Power Players Are Using Social Media to Amp Up Business

Whether they’re using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or TikTok, successful roofing contractors know how to engage their audience while educating, entertaining and selling at the same time.

Gary Thill

August 25, 2022

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Successful roofing contractors know nothing is as powerful as word-of-mouth advertising. Today, word-of-mouth has moved online in the form of social media, where savvy businesses are amplifying their power through a combination of entertainment, education and sales.

Consider the possibilities—and the opportunities—from this group of eye-opening statistics:

  • As of January 2022, there are 3.96 billion social media users across all platforms.

  • The average person bounces between seven different social networks per month.

  • The amount of time adults use social media across all platforms is now higher than ever—95 minutes per day.

  • TikTok is the fastest-growing social network, with a staggering 105% user growth rate in the U.S. over the past two years.

  • In Q1 2021, marketers spent 60% more on Facebook and Instagram ads versus Q1 2020.

  • Social media recently overtook paid search as an advertising channel, growing 25% YoY and exceeding $137 billion (just edging out search's $135 billion).

  • Consumers are six times more likely to make a purchase from a product page that includes pictures from social media.

  • Social media users overwhelmingly trust other users as their "preferred" form of influencer—and are most likely to buy from them based on a product recommendation (37%) versus celebrities (7%).

Clearly, businesses can benefit big from capitalizing on the power of social media. Many of our 2022 Power Players get it, with 60% naming social media as one of their core company strengths. But while this stat is impressive, it also underscores a truism for roofing contractors: Many are still not taking advantage of social media.


The most common type of social media interface is Facebook, with 60% of contractors using that popular format. A smaller group—46% of the Power Players—uses Instagram. That number falls to 42% for YouTube posting. Twitter use drops to 26%. And TikTok—the fastest growing social network, especially among millennials—is used by only 10% of Power Players.

But while social media remains untapped by many, several Power Players demonstrate how to use this medium most effectively. Here's a look at just what they're doing. 

The overall social media approach for Roofing & Exteriors Power Players

With $50 million in annual sales, and a decidedly tech-forward approach to customer service, RoofClaim.com provides what may be the best example of an overall social media approach.

"With the ever-changing world before us, social media has been the main force and resource for RoofClaim.com to reach current, future and past customers," explained Zena Matti, the company's VP of sales and marketing. "After COVID-19 came and changed the way everyone does business as we know it, it was important for us to be innovative in our approach of sharing information with current and potential consumers. With social media increasingly playing a key role in how consumers make decisions, we wanted to be sure that we leveraged this resource."

To that end, the company posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter

"We implemented various tactics such as infographics, FAQ posts, still images and videos to clearly outline our business model. By doing this, we were able to maintain an active and trusted online presence while keeping our consumers engaged," Matti said.

The social media team is creative when it comes to the way to get that engagement. For example, the company recently featured a video interview with Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin on its Facebook page.


This weekend, our CEO, Brian Wedding, had the pleasure of meeting with one of our customers, Ole Miss football team's coach Lane Kiffin.

With the college football season only one month away—and since roofs are never fun to talk about—we chatted about college football. Specifically, the NCAA and the Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) debate involving the players and corporation partnerships. 

Take a look at the interview below!

#university #collegefootball #olemiss #ncaafootball #nil #football #ceo #interview #team

Meanwhile, on YouTube, the company features a step-by-step animated video explaining its drone inspection process.

"It's a new world as we know it, and with technology being a root of our business model, we found that using social media enabled us to be honest, proactive and real, all from our fingertips, while still being able to reach so much more," Matti said.

Instagram and YouTube power users

A number of Power Players are capitalizing on image-driven Instagram and video-focused YouTube to engage with customers—and generate new business.

On Instagram, American Roofing recently used the opportunity of severe weather in its area to offer customers free storm roof inspections. The post was both a community service and a savvy way to gain new customers.


"We use location-specific pages and targeted ads to assist customers in areas affected by severe storms," said Brad Groce, the company's CEO. "We also use social media to highlight employee achievements and community engagement."

CMR Construction & Roofing uses both its Instagram and YouTube channels to feature its professionally shot videos related to NASCAR and motorsports sponsorships, which are mixed in with company news and information.


"Nearly every week throughout the racing season, we have events across our various sponsored motorsports teams that keep our social presence active and exciting for fans. As exemplified by our motto, 'When Speed Matters,' CMR has become synonymous with speed, excellence and accuracy," said Melis Steiner, creative director for CMR. "We have a professional video team creating monthly content for our viewers to ensure we offer a memorable experience. Social media has become a critical part of building our brand awareness and credibility, connecting with audiences, and recruiting top talent excited about our company, culture and everything we stand for."

Twitter power users

On the Twitter side of social media, Antis Roofing & Waterproofing provides a great example of how to best use this channel's 229 million monetizable, daily, active users. Though on the smaller side of firms on our Power Player's list, with $14.8 million in annual sales and 95 employees, Antis makes a big mark on Twitter using a combination of consumer-focused info and celebration of its community outreach efforts.

One recent post:


What is your favorite memory from summer break as a kid? 

Yesterday the Antis team joined volunteers from @seabreezemgmt and other organizations, and succeeded in filling over 200+ backpacks with school supplies for underprivileged children in OC with @StandUp4KidsOC

"Antis leads the industry in our ability to utilize storytelling and the concepts of neuromarketing and emotional intelligence in our branding and advertising, which is reflected in our social media messaging," said Cori Vernam, the company's director of marketing and cause. "We feel our marketing message is just as much a product as our roofing services. Our founder and CEO, Charles Antis, is also a sought-after speaker on social good in business, and promoting that on social media engages customers and helps the growth of our business."

TikTok power users

When it comes to the few Power Players who are utilizing TikTok—the fastest-growing social media channel—Spann Roofing & Sheet Metal shows how to use its music/video flavor to the best effect. For example, a recent post uses the Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" to showcase a new white roof.


Oooooo we’re blinded by this roof!! New roof alert coming off the coast of Sunset Beach. #blindedbythelight  #fy  #fyp  #roofer #roofinglife  #roofersoftiktok  #spann  #beach  #beachvibes #sunsetbeach  #sc  #nc

"On TikTok, you will find lighthearted videos to show the fun side of roofing," said Caylie McCarthy, the company's marketing manager.

McCarthy added a sentiment that seems to sum up the best practice for all social media postings regardless of which channel roofers are using: "We want to continue to educate our community on roofing," she said. "It's truly a hard job, but once you find someone who is an expert, it's easy and becomes a second language. Our goal is to make our customers understand what we do and how we can help them."

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