How to Prepare Construction Equipment for Summer Extremes

Here are 16 tips for keeping your equipment in top shape for the hot and hectic months ahead.

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Seasonal changes bring increased temperatures and longer days, introducing challenges contractors and maintenance service providers must consider when purchasing and maintaining equipment.

Experts noted specific components that need to be inspected include:

Fluid and oils: Engine and hydraulic oils and coolant need to be inspected. Some manufacturers offer summer-grade lubricants and oils suitable for higher temperatures. Check and lubricate moving parts according to maintenance schedules. Check the fuel system for leaks, and ensure proper fuel vaporization. Use fuel stabilizers if equipment will be idle for extended periods. High-temperature grease is available for extreme summer temperatures, Sherman noted. Molnar advised to check for oil leaks more frequently, given more hours are used on the machines in the summer.

Greasing: Check the operation and maintenance manual for grease intervals and the different types of grease needed in a specific region going from winter to summer, noted Jacob Ely, Caterpillar service technician.

Hydraulic hoses: Check for heat stress, Ely said.

Air filters: Extremely dirty and dusty applications may require more frequent air and cab filter cleaning and use of engine precleaners. Check and replace air filters regularly for proper airflow and to prevent dust and debris from entering the engine, Sherman noted. “All air filters should be completely cleaned out from debris and jobsite materials to ensure proper usage and filtration,” Fulton said.

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