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Resources Explore Ways to Change Company Culture on Mental HealthResources Explore Ways to Change Company Culture on Mental Health

NAHB said it recognizes the urgent need for trade associations to take proactive roles in addressing mental health.

July 22, 2021

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Before, during and after the pandemic, workers and workplaces have faced increasing stress and pressure that threaten the wellbeing of the workforce, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) noted. 

Mental health has been called an invisible crisis, exacerbating existing mental health conditions and increased chronic pain, fatigue, substance misuse including overdose, post-traumatic stress, and suicide risk, according to NAHB. 

NAHB said it recognizes the urgent need for trade associations to take proactive roles in addressing the crisis. 

The Federation’s member mental health and wellbeing initiative aims to destigmatize mental health issues in construction and provide members with resources to keep their workers safe and on the job, NAHB said. 

Mental Health in the Workplace
A new resource was published—Building a Caring Culture: Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace—from mental health experts Cal Beyer, Leia Spoor and Lisa K. Desai, Pys.D. 

Companies looking to incorporate mental health and wellbeing into company culture will benefit from this whitepaper as it discusses in detail all facets of mental health and workplace safety, according to NAHB. 

The whitepaper, NAHB said, includes information on:

  • Why mental health is important;

  • How to address mental health in return to workplace strategies;

  • Understanding the whole health view;

  • The difference between behavioral vs. mental health;

  • Psychological safety and resilience;

  • Mental health myths and realities;

  • Comorbidities of depression

Also included are applied case studies of companies in mechanical/HVAC construction, general contracting and warehousing/distribution of medical supplies who have addressed mental health and wellbeing in their workplaces, NAHB said. 

Mental Health as a Business Outcome
NAHB also pointed out another free resource, the 2021 Behavioral Health Guidebook, which explores the workplace mental health crisis from the perspective of company owners and top managers, and discusses issues like balancing worker health and safety priorities with productivity and the ROI that can be realized by focusing on mental health through lower healthcare costs and absenteeism.

NAHB said it made available an online screening tool for members to take an anonymous self-assessment and, depending on the outcome, guides them to a customized set of resources that can connect them with appropriate services to address mental health and/or addiction issues.

NAHB said it also made available the JustFive NAHB portal, where members can learn more about substance abuse disorder in five-minute modules. Users can learn more about their risks and those around them. 


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