The Ways Contractors Are Using AI on Jobsites

Benefits of using artificial intelligence on building projects include a competitive safety culture, risk mitigation and flagging contracts for delay provisions.

Construction Dive

June 13, 2024

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SAN DIEGO — Across the country, construction firms are using artificial intelligence to improve their safety cultures, monitor their legal documents for questions and issues and manage project risk. 

Speakers and panelists from firms including Balfour Beatty, Rosendin and Joseph J. Albanese spoke to attendees at the ENR FutureTech conference in San Diego from June 3-5 about the benefits they’ve reaped from AI. 

AI dominated contractors predictions as one of the breakout technologies of the last year, and since then has changed how business gets done across the globe. However, contractors have also urged caution, as the technology remains in a Wild West-like state At the conference, speakers said many aspects of the tech’s impact on construction still remain unclear. That’s especially true when it comes to AI and the labor crunch. 

“I don’t think we have a good answer as to how AI will affect the workforce. Clearly, it will. We’re gonna need to figure out how to deal with it and what to do with it,” said Jad Chalhoub, director of business analytics for San Jose, California-based Rosendin.

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