How ‘Billy the Bot’ Helps Construction Company Streamline Accounts Payable

A Georgia-based contractor uses artificial intelligence to cut down on the time and effort needed to track the multitude of invoices it receives daily.

June 27, 2024

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With Billy the Bot, created by software firm Stampli, controller Milissa Douglas of Cork Howard Construction tracks the litany of invoices that her firm receives and needs to process on any given day with less time and effort.

While the price of the software varies for different tiers, Douglas said at Cork Howard, it works out to about $2 per invoice, and she’s saved about 50% of research and data entry time. 

Here, Douglas talks about how she adopted her AI assistant, some of the growing pains for the tech and her advice to builders who want to try these technologies out for themselves.

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

What problems were you looking to solve for your business via AI?

MILISSA DOUGLAS: It wasn’t so much the AI part of it, it was more of the automation part that we were looking for. AI was a bonus that came along with that.

We were doing everything manually — our project managers had color-coded manila folders that we sent out each week with all the original invoices, and then they would approve them and send them back. And sometimes, they wouldn’t all come back.

So, I started looking into an automation software that would help alleviate the loss of invoices.

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