Hayward Launches XE Series of Pumps

New line leans into consumer desire for more energy efficient options along with upcoming DOE regulation changes.

July 12, 2021

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Hayward TriStar pump

Hayward Holdings, Inc. launched its XE Series line of ultra-high efficiency pumps, which it said marks a breakthrough development of key new technology that lowers the entry price point to high performance, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) compliant pumps. 

The new line is priced midway between single- and fully-featured variable speed models, expanding market access to the category.

In total, the XE Series launches with seven new models with varying levels of Total Horsepower (THP):

  • TriStar XE: Three new models (1.25, 1.85, 2.25 THP), compatible as drop-ins for other competitive variable speed pumps;

  • Super Pump XE: Two new models (1.65, 2.25 THP), compatible as drop-ins for existing Hayward Super Pump single and two-speed pumps (1.5 & 2.0 THP);

  • MaxFlo XE: Two new models (1.65, 2.25 THP), compatible as drop-ins for all existing Hayward MaxFlo pumps (pictured)


Not only do all XE Series pumps exceed the upcoming benchmarks required by DOE regulations, but they also surpass many competitive variable-speed pumps in overall efficiency, according to Hayward.

Additionally, each pump offers dual-voltage capability (230V/115V) and six selectable speeds that can be toggled with the push of a button.

The new DOE regulations, which affect in-ground and above-ground residential and commercial pumps, go into effect July 19, 2021, and require newly manufactured pool pumps to be more energy efficient. 

The regulations provide an updated way of measuring energy efficiencies through a weighted energy factor (WEF), as well as new labeling requirements making it easier for consumers to compare pump efficiency.

“Hayward is taking the lead in the energy conversion story by leveraging innovative technology to drive wider adoption of energy-efficient products,” said Scott Petty, Hayward’s Global Product manager of Pumps.

Hayward’s TriStar Variable Speed Pump captured the No. 1 rating in energy efficiency within the industry (per DOE metrics, as of June 1, 2021) with the highest overall WEF. Hayward also won the ENERGY STAR 2021 Award for Excellence in Product Design.

“In a ‘Pool Trends’ survey we recently conducted, we found that 55% of respondents who own a pool are considering upgrading their pump or other equipment to make their pool more energy-efficient,” said Petty. “Nearly 80% of all respondents are unaware of the upcoming DOE regulatory changes, illustrating a window of opportunity for Hayward and the industry overall as consumers look to invest in more sustainable options for their pools.”

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