OSHA Proposal Would Require Construction PPE to Fit Properly

The rule revision would impact around 10% of the construction workforce, the agency estimates.

July 22, 2023

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OSHA is proposing a new rule in order to clarify its personal protective equipment requirements for construction. The revision, published Thursday, explicitly requires that PPE fit workers properly.

The agency said it proposed the rule to increase clarity. Currently, it requires construction employers to provide and maintain PPE and ensure employee-owned equipment is adequate, but does not explicitly state that safety gear must properly fit each employee. This rule proposal would add that to the existing rule, which is more in line with general industry and maritime standards.

OSHA said that the rule could better protect women, who are often frustrated with and ill protected by oversized gear. Even something as ubiquitous as a safety vest can become an irritant in a low-hazard environment like the office by snagging on door handles.

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