Problem Solved: Clean and Quick Cuts in Masonry with Diablo

Up to 2X Life with a Premium Range of Diamond Masonry Blades!

August 1, 2023

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Diablo's Diamond Blade Range is 
Setting New Standards in Masonry 

With a full line expansion in 2022, Diablo 's range of diamond masonry blades has offered faster, cleaner cuts to professionals 

Diablo Tools, which offers solution-oriented ranges of best-in-the-world and best-for-our-world products for the professional user, has proven that its full range of Diamond Masonry Blades is a cut above the rest. Designed with innovative technology to meet the user's needs­including industrial grade diamonds-this range provides users extreme durability, faster cuts and longer life across a wide range of materials, including concrete, rebar, brick, porcelain, tile and more. 

The end result? Increased efficiency, improved finishes and overall better results for professionals.Diablo disrupted the market by providing innovative 2-in-1 Diamond Segmented Turbo blade solutions that offer up to 30% faster cuts and up to 4X the cutting life of standard masonry blades!

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One Diablo difference is the quality and quantity of diamonds used on each blade. Standard blades on the market simply use commercial grade diamonds to save on costs. Diablo, on the other hand, incorporates industrial grade diamonds into each blade. Each blade also features the ideal number of diamonds for its intended application, which ultimately translates to better, more targeted results. 

Another game changer is Diablo's hardened blade body design. Each masonry blade is crafted with care to match the durability of the diamonds it utilizes. It can withstand the wear and tear necessary to continually produce quality cuts while also reducing unnecessary vibration and friction. Users, in turn, receive superior cuts from a blade that is guaranteed to last. 

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When tackling the issues faced by segmented blade users, Diablo focused on improving the segments themselves. Each blade features minimal gullet space between proprietary segments to provide a fast-yet-clean cut. An innovative slot design-nicknamed the 
SPEED-Edge-aids in debris removal, vibration reduction and friction elimination, translating to faster cutting speeds (up to 30%) on the segmented turbo lineup. 

Unique castellations on the blade help remove debris and keep the blade cool when cutting. Considering each blade's segments are also 60% taller, Diablo's segmented blades are sure to last much longer than their standard counterparts. 

"I needed to cut and trim several patio blocks for a walkway I was installing- this segmented blade made quick work of this job. I really liked the smooth edge it left and I was able to trim the top corners to match the edging around the blocks. I trimmed or cut a dozen stones and the blade has much more life left in it. I have numerous retaining wall blocks to cut and will use this blade for those. I like the quality, durability and cost effectiveness of this blade.Highly recommend."      Susan, professional user 

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Diablo's continuous diamond masonry blades also provide superior results in more specialized material, such as tile and natural stone. By diamond quality alone, the blade offers 60% smoother cuts compared to standard blades on the market. Each cut is also chip-free and without burn marks, raising the bar yet again for competitors. No matter the speed-or whether the material is wet or dry-the blade's thin contact edge delivers remarkably precise results again and again. 

"What a wheel! I mean, with performance like this, you can spin me
right round, baby, right round."     Wrigley, professional user


To ensure every user has a solution, Diablo offers a diamond segmented turbo blade as well as a diamond turbo continuous blade in addition to its standard masonry discs. Thanks to the superior diamonds and hardened disc design elements, users seeking cuts with cleaner edges also have a solution they can turn to. 

"I do a lot of trimming of stone and concrete pieces for landscaping
projects and continually use Diablo 's Diamond Turbo Masonry Cut Off
blades to enable me to get a finished look with a straight edge."      Professional user


The construction industry continues to create higher-strength concrete, granite, stone and tile, forcing power tool manufacturers to develop stronger, more powerful masonry blades. Diablo's range of Diamond Masonry Blades guarantees faster and cleaner results in every application-all while saving its users time and money. For those familiar with the standard-setting brand, this is par for the course. 

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