Concrete Still Cares

The purpose of this organization is helping families who have loved ones stricken by cancer. Concrete Cares continues to fight cancer the concrete way, “One yard at a time.”

April 23, 2021

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Midwest Concrete Materials supports Concrete Cares.

Concrete Cares is a 501c3 organization founded to help families and children facing the daily challenges of cancer in their lives. Through donations and sponsorship, we help families and children by paying rent, mortgages, utilities, and car payments. We also assist with transportation and housing for treatments, food and clothing, daycare, and, sadly, funeral expenses.

2021 marks another year for Concrete Cares, using this wonderful material (concrete) as our theme for helping families who have loved ones stricken by cancer. Concrete Cares is very grateful for the support from the concrete community in our continuing mission. Covid has placed several challenges in our path, but despite these setbacks we continue to fight cancer the concrete way, “One yard at a time.”

Some updates on folks Concrete Cares has helped recently:


  • McKenzie West, who is a 14-year-old straight-A student and student athlete, has been a volunteer at St. Jude Children’s Hospital after spending two years there herself undergoing treatment.

  • Whitney Mayer who was diagnosed with cancer while 22 weeks pregnant continues to improve after 3½ years. Side-effects from radiation have created numerous other issues. Concrete Cares has been assisting the Mayer family for 3 years with mortgages utilities and car payments.

  • Juan Vargas was a young family man and an outstanding concrete finisher. He had been through the Allen Engineering workshop and was hoping to become an ACI-certified concrete finisher. He also loved decorative concrete. Juan lost his battle with cancer March 12 leaving behind a wife and two young daughters. Concrete Cares has sponsored some fundraisers and helped the family pay needed expenses.

  • When only a year old, Tyler Charlton's mother noticed a lump on his face. Covid made it difficult to get into a doctor’s office, but in September 2020 a rare cancerous tumor was diagnosed. He has been at St Jude since September undergoing surgeries, blood transfusions, and radiation treatments.

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