ACI Hosts Fourth Annual Virtual 24 Hours of Concrete Knowledge

Industry professionals can witness concreting around the world during this continuous one-day free online event.

Rick Yelton, Editor at Large

June 12, 2024

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Chapter activity drives the heartbeat of the American Concrete Institute , and on July 9-10, chapters from around the world will share their latest research and much more during a free continuous virtual 24-hour event.

ACI chapter meetings are a testament to the concrete industry's collaborative spirit. Contractors, producers, testing professionals and local educators with unique perspectives and expertise come together monthly to share and hear presentations on important industry topics, often referencing a recent ACI document publication.

But the chapter's real value is in the gathering hour before the formal presentation begins. The informal discussions include common problems happening locally and ways that the community will address them. 

In addition to solid chapter support, ACI relies on its connections with dozens of national and international concrete research organizations to ensure that concrete knowledge is genuinely global. Many ACI international chapters coordinate with these centers to initiate science-driven solutions later shared with ACI technical committees.

It should be no surprise that world-class information is created when ACI combines the vibrancy of its chapters, the input from international research and the wealth of ACI's core knowledge. Thus, ACI codes, guides, certifications and documents are the most referenced concrete materials worldwide.

In a few weeks, you'll have an opportunity to experience the vitality of these important groups all in one day. The ACI is coordinating with two dozen local ACI chapters and ACI international partners to share what's happening worldwide. In the fourth annual 24 Hours of Concrete Knowledge, chapters will have an hour to share their latest research, trends and studies from their countries to the concrete world.  

The content offered in the 2024 24 Hours of Concrete Knowledge is positive proof that ACI is always advancing, said Michael J. Paul, ACI president. "This year's 24 Hours of Concrete Knowledge promises to be our best one yet as experts from around the world share their insights about the most abundant manufactured material on earth," said Paul.

The event kicks off with a presentation from the ACI chapter in Iraq about its local activities and concludes with a status update on current research and standards developed by RILEM. In between, you'll have the opportunity to attend 22 sessions from ACI international chapters, covering a wide range of topics and perspectives. These include sessions from the ACI Northwest Mexico Chapter, ACI China Chapter and the India Chapter of ACI.  

They've also invited many ACI International Partners to provide updates on their research activities, including the Instituto Brasileiro do Concreto (IBRACON), Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA),  Fédération internationale du béton (fib) Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT) and the Inter-American Cement Federation (FICEM).

Registering for the free event is as easy as a few clicks. The virtual conference begins at 2 p.m. ET July 9 and concludes 24 hours later.

Stay calm if you can stay up for the continuous event. Roughly one month after the 24 Hours of Concrete Knowledge is completed, all 24 hours of presentations will be available on-demand to registered attendees. 

Kudos go to the event sponsors: the Carolinas Chapter of ACI, Baker Construction, the Concrete Testing Alliance Collaboration and PS=Ø.

If you have any questions about 24 Hours of Concrete Knowledge, contact Bernie Pekor, ACI director of international business development, at [email protected].

About the Author(s)

Rick Yelton

Editor at Large, World of Concrete

Rick Yelton is the Editor at Large for World of Concrete, an Informa Market’s event. Rick is an engineer who has been involved in the concrete construction industry for more than 3 decades

Rick is an active member of several ASTM International technical committees for cement, concrete and masonry. He has served on the Executive Committee of the Concrete and Concrete Aggregates - C09. He is the current chairman of subcommittee C09-22 Materials Applied to Fresh Concrete.

Rick is also active on several technical committees at the American Concrete Institute.

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