3D-Printed Multistory Homes Planned in Netherlands

The construction project, Milestone, continues with four new and improved 3D-printed owner-occupied homes.

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Eindhoven University of Technology

Three years ago, the first concrete-printed house that met all the strict building requirements rolled out of the 3D printer. The house, known as Milestone, became the first 3D concrete printed house in Europe that is actually inhabited. Now the consortium - in which Eindhoven University of Technology plays a major role - announces that there will be a sequel. In the first quarter of 2025, construction will begin on four new and improved 3D-printed owner-occupied homes.

The new homes will be located in the Bosrijk neighborhood in Eindhoven. After the summer vacations, the sale of the homes, which are between 110 and 125 square meters in size, will start. Realization of the homes will start in early 2025. Preparations are already in full swing. The planning says that the new residents will be able to move into the homes as early as the summer of 2025. 

The most striking feature of the four new homes is that they will be scaled up from one to two and even three floors. In addition, the lessons learned from the first home will be incorporated into the development of the next four houses.

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