Hear From Pros About the 'KING OF DEMO'

The next generation of circular saw blade from Diablo has arrived.

June 4, 2024

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Diablo's Demo Demon saw blade
Diablo Tools/Freud

A new standard for framing/demolition saw blades has arrived with up to 15X longer cutting life and pro contractors across the trades are blown away. The buzz around this blade is real with one commercial contractor raving “seems to last forever. … Tooth retention is remarkable.”  A pro carpenter sums it up: “This blade does it all. … When work goes easy, it all goes easy!”

Jobsites and building materials are evolving. The modern concrete jobsite has become a tough place where builders need to count on their blades to make cut after cut through a wide range of materials, which are becoming more sustainable, weather repellant and stress resistant. Standard carbide blades cannot withstand the required cutting applications without dulling, breaking and stopping the work.

Enter Diablo’s Demo Demon™ Next Generation Ultimate Framing/Demolition saw blade. This next generation product lasts longer, cuts faster and helps lower battery drain when using cordless saws. The key tech in this revolutionary design is the optimized Dura-Blend™ carbide teeth. The specialized carbide plus a nano grind tooth technology ensures precise cuts and maximum blade life whether cutting forms, demoing existing structures or almost any other extreme cutting job.


Verified professionals across the U.S. are seeing the value in upgrading to the next generation blade with one general contractor summarizing their experience:

“Over the years I couldn't fathom how many saw blades I've went through or brands I've tried. It wasn't till about a year ago I started using the Diablo brand as my go-to brand day in and day out and what I've really discovered was not only my overhead expense shrinking because of the life they have is that my quality of work seemed to be a reflection of their quality as well. I only wish I knew then what I know now!!!”

Learn more about why PROs agree this blade is special at www.ignitethejobsite.com or See It In Action.

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