Command Alkon System Simplifies Construction Order Taking, Dispatch, Daily Planning

The cloud-native system was the perfect solution for Ten Point Redi Mix, which also employs the automated driver scheduling function.

June 20, 2024

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Command Alkon and Ten Point Redi Mix, LLC
Command Alkon

The Challenge

In the spring of 2022, Kory Chapman, Joe Paul Nichols and Michael Read corroborated to start Ten Point Redi Mix, LLC.The group then brought on Billy Sessom to serve as General Manager. The startup, located in Bridgeport, Texas, began well as the company already had a solid customer contact base from which to draw due to Kory and Billy’s tenure in the industry. The company, since its August 2022 launch, has continued to grow its customer base with new business. They knew that they needed to put technologies and processes in place to effectively manage the scheduling and dispatching of orders, and be armed with data to mitigate risk and deliver exceptional service. “Delivering excellent service is key to us,” said Kory. “When we say we are going to be at the job at a certain time, we do everything in our power to be there. Making sure we have the systems in place to deliver a great experience is very important.”

The Solution

Having worked with various software systems in the past, they were familiar with Command Alkon’s suite of software solutions. They knew that COMMANDbatch – Command Alkon’s automated batch system – was the system of choice to help the company to optimize mix designs and produce a high-quality product. When it came time to decide on a dispatch system, the guys reached out to their former colleague, Billy Ripple, who now serves as a Solutions Specialist at Command Alkon.

“Billy Ripple was instrumental in helping us to implement Dispatch,” said Billy. “We placed our trust in him, and he guided us through the process. We learned about the cloud native Dispatch as soon as we started the company, and once Billy showed us what the system could do, we were confident that it would provide what we needed.” Dispatch is a cloud-native system that simplifies Ten Point’s order taking, dispatch, and daily planning processes and automates driver scheduling. Ten Point has also integrated with TrackIt to keep up with the status of their orders and better manage their fleet. The implementation and onboarding was relatively smooth, and with Dispatch’s user-friendly interface, the team was comfortable with the system within days.

“I was out of the office at the time of the implementation, but by the time I got back to work, the team was up and running,” said Billy. “In just a week’s time, they were comfortable.”

The Result

Dispatch has enabled Ten Point to plan, place, and track orders, automate driver scheduling and daily planning, and understand supply chain needs. The system can be accessed at any time through a web portal or mobile device, which makes placing orders and scheduling drivers easy.

“I spend a lot of time at the plant,” said James Novella, Dispatch Manager at Ten Point. “Since I’m at a desk, I usually work on a desktop; but I also love having the option to work on my phone. I log into my mobile app almost daily and put orders in, and it’s nice to have that flexibility.” Part of James’ role as Dispatch Manager is to manage the drivers. Dispatch integrates seamlessly with TrackIt, so James is able to see his trucks and their delivery status at all times. The TrackIt system will let the team know when they are in the yard, on the way to the job, when they have arrived at the job, and when they are pouring. The important thing about TrackIt is that you can see if a customer is holding trucks on a job,” said Billy. “If I begin to see that our trucks are stacked up in the ‘unloading’ or ‘on site’ status, then that prompts me to call our customer and make sure there are no issues going on.”

Sometimes these trucks are being sent to locations that don’t have an official address, so the ability to see where that load is and make sure it can make it to the job is very important. If an issue arises, the team can be proactive in addressing the issue.

“Having visibility into the status of the load is huge for customers,” said Billy. “There is a joke in the industry about concrete always being late. There are things that happen that are unpreventable. But being able to contact the customer and communicate information that helps them to plan their own day really creates a stronger relationship with customers.”

A feature of the system that Ten Point finds extremely valuable is the Workspaces – dashboards that include widgets that monitor performance metrics such as driver utilization, load times, yardage breakdowns, and more. “The workspaces provide a wealth of information; I can see how many vehicles are running that day, how many loads have been completed, the yardage delivered, the average loads per vehicle, quantity per driver per hour, on time percentage,” said Billy. “I know just how long the truck was in the yard before it left the plant and headed to the job – the system gives you visibility into the metrics that you want to monitor so that you can address a problem before it gets out of hand.”

Another benefit of operating in the cloud is that it gives the team the flexibility to step away from the office and still have the insight needed to make sure the schedule is running smoothly and orders are making it out the door. “Just last week I was in New Mexico for a personal reason, but I was still able to look at my Workspaces periodically to make sure the day was running smoothly. No matter where I am, I can see this information and I can make a call to see if there is something that I can do to help resolve an issue.”

Dispatch can scale and grow as the company grows, which will alleviate some of the change management issues that are so prevalent in the industry. “Right now, we are in the market to open up at least one more plant, and the fact that Dispatch can scale and grow with your operation is one of the factors that helped us to make our decision to implement,” said Billy. When Ten Point does open a new operation, they won’t have to implement an entirely new system or spend time training new employees because additional manpower isn’t required when dispatch personnel can place, dispatch, and track orders from multiple plants from anywhere.

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