Cyler Hayes

Cyler Hayes

Senior Chemist and Chemistry Lab Manager, American Engineering Testing, Inc.

Cyler Hayes has more than 30 years of experience formulating and testing construction materials. Mr. Hayes has performed chemical analysis on various building materials, including hydraulic cements, admixtures, hardened concrete, concrete masonry units, repair mortars, and chemical products commonly used in the concrete construction industry. His recent work has been focused on concrete construction products such as concrete curing compounds, form releases, grouts, repair mortars, liquid floor treatments, cure & seals, water repellents, and sealers.

Mr. Hayes has led forensic investigations of numerous product and application failures, including coatings, flooring materials, adhesives, stucco, integral water-repellent admixtures, waterproofing membranes, delayed compressive strength, admixture interaction, discoloration, and chloride content of concrete.

Mr. Hayes is a member of ASTM International C09.22 on Materials Applied to New Concrete Surfaces.

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